Witch_vs_Deer (Ver4.5)
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Witch_vs_Deer (Ver4.5)

  • Author(s): Heo, Jun Hee
  • Park, Changwan
  • et al.
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Creative Commons 'BY' version 4.0 license

Jun Hee Heo: Our game’s title is “Witch vs. Deer”. It is a 2 player PvP game, using mouse and keyboard. We wanted to make a simple and easy game that takes only few minutes. The background story of our game is: “Once upon a time, there were deers living in a forest. One day, pandemic hit the deer group and the only cure is the magic apple. The deer who brings the apple would be the leader of the group. A deer decided to go to get the magic apple. However, to get the apple, he should fight the witch. The witch, who lived peacefully inside the forest, was suffering because of the noise made by deer groups. And what? A deer is going to steal my magic apple? That could not be happen!” Our game is a 2D game. There is a title page written “Witch vs. Deer” and if you click ‘play’ button below the title, there will be a short introduction about the game’s story. After few seconds, the screen will move to the ‘game play’ screen. One person will be the defender and other will be the attacker. Attacker is at the top and defender is located at the bottom. The players only move horizontally and the items only move vertically. The attacker (witch), throw magics down in a certain frequency. The attacker can control the witch with mouse. The witch will follow the mouse only moving right and left. Also, witch has a skill which has a cool time of 9 seconds. If the witch is prepared to use the skill, witch will turn into pink and attacker can shoot pink laser by clicking left mouse. Witch will win when she success attacking the deer. The defender (deer) need to dodge from the magic and laser, and get enough number of magic apples. The deer can move using left and right arrow keys. The magic apples will fall down once in 5 seconds randomly. Also, there is a shield item that falls down randomly. If deer gets shield, he will be invincible for few seconds. Deer will gain victory if he earns 5 apples. The class concepts used for this game is “deer” and “falling”. As described at the background story of the game, one of the players will be a deer. We chose this concept because the idea came right into our brain when we knew one of the concepts was deer. Also, I wanted to draw a deer for our game too. Magic apple falls down from the top. Falling is an important component because it is one of the rules in the gameplay. Falling objects work as vertical movements and players make horizontal movements. The control innovates our game. Our game is a PvP game which one player control with mouse and other player control with keyboard. Other PvP games usually use only keyboard or mouse or have turns if they use both. However, our game uses both mouse and keyboards. Also, the players do not compete with same rules, but each character has different rules of winning, skill, and items. That is, most of the players of our games will try to play the game at least twice. Also, we have a fairytale like background story too. The images from the game is all made by us too. The idea was from “Gallag” and “Pong”. At “Gallag”, the player shoots missiles constantly and “Pong” is a 2 player game which the players can move only horizontally. The game is not so innovative technically compared with other games because we had lack of time.After feedbacks from TA and friend’s playtesting, we fixed some parts of the game and added new things. There was a feedback that witch wins almost every time because the witch had way more faster speed. We adjusted the speed of the witch and deer. Also the acceleration of deer changed because the witch had fast speed and the deer became too slow when he changed the direction. The collision was strange when the deer collided with the apple. It changed direction strangely. We solved that problem also. There were some feedbacks which the game was too much simple, so we added new skill for the witch and items for the deer. Changwan ParK: First, the game story. You are a happy dear living with other happy dears. Dears live together and made a dear village. However, the witch does not like the dear because they are so happy. The witch crafted some pandemic, and made it hit the dear party. Now almost every deer is dying, and you became a dear scientist and work on finding the cure. You found out that the only cure is the apple, which can be looted at the witch’s house. If you get the cure, you will be the leader of the group, and deer will thrive. If not, there will be deer left on earth. You attack the witch’s house to collect the apples for rescuing the deer village.Next, the gameplay. There are two players in the game, and the game has two rounds. At each round, two players are assigned to attacker and defender. Defender's character is deer, and can move the character left and right by pressing left and right keys on keyboard. There are two items for the defender. First item is the shield. It will fall vertically towards the defender. This will make the defender invincible for 4.5 seconds. The second item is apple. The defender's goal is to collect 5 apples. After collecting those, defender wins and becomes a deer leader. If defender overlaps with enemies (green asterisk shaped thing), the attacker wins unless the defender has the shield activated. Attacker's character is witch. Attacker can move the character left and right by moving mouse curser left and right way. There are no items for witch, but enemies will automatically spawn at the attacker's position, having constant horizontal velocity, falling towards defender. The attacker's goal is to control its position, make the enemies hit the defender. Attacker has a special ability to shoot purple laser, which has bigger collision box and high speed, likely to hit the defender. Attacker's special ability has a 9 second of cool time, and it can be activated by pressing left click. The attacker's win condition is to kill defender before defender collects five apples.Third, the aesthetic goals of our game. Actually the plot is pretty weak. Why the which hates the happy deer? But still, I can argue that there are some awkward people who does not like other people happy in real life. They spread inappropriate ideas to nearby people and contaminate the gloomy feeling. These are the witches. In contrast, all the happy people, who runs the society, can be referred to the deer. Deer’s goal is not just steal an apple and cure the world, but first to get near to damaged soul of witches. Apples are set to represent all the bad ideas that witches have, and neutralize it by using happiness of dear.The game is designed as 2D. I will claim that the game has the third person view, since the attacker and the defender can view themselves and the opponent. If the game was designed in the first person view, All the views will be in one dimensional shape, since the total game is in 2D. Therefore, players would not be able to distinguish apples from enemies and shield, and even the game character. By using third person view for designing our game, the players can learn the opponent’s movement and will try to enhance the winning rate, by becoming more successful in dodging the enemies, or getting better in triggering collisions between the defender and the enemy.Frankly, I do not think the game is super innovative compared with other games. We had a lack of time, and rushed to make the game playable. However, we can polish our project goals, which was heavily discussed in the third paragraph. Redesign of the images or even reconstructing the game in 3D might be helpful for being innovative compared to other games. I meant that the game is distinguishable by the intention of the game.The playtesting part was quite interesting. TA gave us some strong feedbacks, which gave us lots of insight. Actually, we have never playtested our game when we submitted the alpha version. In consequence, as the TA said, the witch won every time. Therefore, we have adjusted the values of the speed of the defender and the attacker. The actual speed values were decided by multiple playtesting. Also, the collision was really weird, so we tweaked the collision box in order to make the gameplay not wanky but smooth. Without the constructive feedback, our game may have led to super boring, trivial game.

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