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The Cultural Revolution in Images: Caricature Posters from Guangzhou, 1966–1977

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Poster 15

Poster 15
Figure 15. “Jiang Qing and the Toilet” (“Jiang Qing yu cesuo” 江青与厕所). Rather than sitting on a throne, Mao’s wife is on an inventive toilet with wheels that allow her to move around while taking care of her bodily needs. From the picture, we see that her main functions are taking pictures and playing cards, pastimes that were often brought up as proof of her pretentiousness and laziness. Note: In the poem below the image, “hundred points” (da bai fen 打百分) is the name of a popular card game played in China, and “rake up your opponents’ cards” (ba di 扒底) is a term used in the game. Author and date unknown. Watercolor on paper, 60 x 40 cm. Comrades! Don’t laugh, I am coming. I am equal to poor peasants! I cannot do light work because I am clumsy, And I am also unable to endure heavy labor. I sit on the toilet, I cannot bare squatting for too long. With my capabilities, I can only take pictures Hundred points, rake up your opponents’ cards, I want to be an Empress! I absolutely have my own ways/tricks!