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Do we live in the swampland?

  • Author(s): Murayama, H;
  • Yamazaki, M;
  • Yanagida, TT
  • et al.

A low-energy effective theory is said to be in the swampland if it does not have any consistent UV completion inside a theory of quantum gravity. The natural question is if the standard model of particle physics, possibly with some minimal extensions, are in the swampland — we are in trouble if the answer to this question is yes. We discuss this question in view of the recent swampland conjectures. We prove a no-go theorem concerning the modification of the Higgs sector. Moreover, we find that QCD axion is incompatible with the recent swampland conjectures, unless some sophisticated possibilities are considered. We discuss the implications of this result for spontaneous breaking of CP symmetry. We comment on dynamical supersymmetry breaking as well as the issue of multi-valuedness of the potential. We also propose a refinement of the de Sitter swampland conjecture.

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