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Passionately Platonic

  • Author(s): Ceballos, Adrian;
  • Ma, Dylan
  • et al.
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After a long and arduous journey, Pete has finally made it to the dungeon that holds theprincess of legend, the one locked away by the demon, Dark Knight. What a cliche name Petethinks, but oh well, hopefully this knight isn’t as bad as his name is. As he enters the first roomof the dungeon Pete realizes that the door he entered has disappeared. There is no way out,the only way is through one of two portals in front of him. Welcome to the Dungeon. You arePete but Pete isn’t you, or is he? It all depends on how you look at it. There are choices in thisgame, but do they really matter or are they controlled by destiny that the gods placed? That’sfor you to decide.The world of Pete is the same as our world, except instead of humans, the primaryinhabitants are gelatinous beings such as Pete. You start off the game with a choice of twoportals. Even though the choice seems easy it actually is the most important choice in the gamedue to it decides how you play the game, and whether or not your narrator is the god of truthor the god of understanding. The rest of the game is yours to decide or not, depending on yourview of choices in games. Beware, however, as the portal of truth is entirely different thanwhat you would experience in the portal of understanding. It all depends on what you want. Isthe knowledge of understanding more important than the knowledge of truth? You decide.

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