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Songs of Enlightenment: In Collaboration with Light

  • Author(s): Harris, Rome
  • Advisor(s): Wilson, Reed
  • et al.

This compilation of poems represents a new school of thought, postrevisionism. The goal of postrevisionism is to show the unity of all things through various found fragments of civilization, time, humanity, creation, nature, and generally all aspects of consciousness as a unified collection. These poems express this principle of unity as a whole. The poems reference artifacts and structures that symbolize consciousness and experience. Found artifacts represent the ephemeral structures that, form eternity, instill meaning. The overall collection contains and refers to found pieces in history, self, nature, and spirit, and unifies them through the transcendental feeling of a unity of one, illustrated through scientific principles of diffracted energy and various references to poetry, writing throughout time, and spirituality in creation. The principle of unity can be found in religions all over the world and is especially poignant in Hinduism and Buddhism, the concept that we are all one, and that the difference of others is an illusion of self, the difference of the world, the spinning wheel of consciousness, connected by its many spokes at the center. This is the essence of Jesus’ teaching that God is everything and in everything. This same principle is implicit in Einstein’s theory of relativity, the fact that the nature of all matter is energy. All matter is one energy. Through the principle of diffracted energy, fragments take the form of light and though stemming from one source, like light before entering a prism, these fragments are experienced as multiple colors beyond the prism.

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