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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Large energy product enhancement in perpendicularly coupled MnBi/CoFe magnetic bilayers

  • Author(s): Gao, TR
  • Fang, L
  • Fackler, S
  • Maruyama, S
  • Zhang, XH
  • Wang, LL
  • Rana, T
  • Manchanda, P
  • Kashyap, A
  • Janicka, K
  • Wysocki, AL
  • N’Diaye, AT
  • Arenholz, E
  • Borchers, JA
  • Kirby, BJ
  • Maranville, BB
  • Sun, KW
  • Kramer, MJ
  • Antropov, VP
  • Johnson, DD
  • Skomski, R
  • Cui, J
  • Takeuchi, I
  • et al.

© 2016 American Physical Society. We demonstrate substantial enhancement in the energy product of MnBi-based magnets by forming robust ferromagnetic exchange coupling between a MnBi layer and a thin CoFe layer in a unique perpendicular coupling configuration, which provides increased resistance to magnetization reversal. The measured nominal energy product of 172kJ/m3 at room temperature is the largest value experimentally attained for permanent magnets free of expensive raw materials. Our finding shows that exchange-coupled MnBi/CoFe magnets are a viable option for pursuing rare-earth-free magnets with energy products approaching those containing rare-earth elements.

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