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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Anisotropic Dirac Fermions in BaMnBi2 and BaZnBi2.

  • Author(s): Ryu, Hyejin
  • Park, Se Young
  • Li, Lijun
  • Ren, Weijun
  • Neaton, Jeffrey B
  • Petrovic, Cedomir
  • Hwang, Choongyu
  • Mo, Sung-Kwan
  • et al.

We investigate the electronic structure of BaMnBi2 and BaZnBi2 using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and first-principles calculations. Although they share similar structural properties, we show that their electronic structure exhibit dramatic differences. A strong anisotropic Dirac dispersion is revealed in BaMnBi2 with a decreased asymmetry factor compared with other members of AMnBi2 (A = alkali earth or rare earth elements) family. In addition to the Dirac cones, multiple bands crossing the Fermi energy give rise to a complex Fermi surface topology for BaZnBi2. We further show that the strength of hybridization between Bi-p and Mn-d/Zn-s states is the main driver of the differences in electronic structure for these two related compounds.

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