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Continuing Field Efficacy of Norbormide against both Rattus rattus (Ship Rats) and Rattus norvegicus (Norway Rats)


Norbormide is a uniquely selective rat toxicant for Rattus species, with rats being 100- to 150-fold more sensitive to norbormide toxicity than most other mammals and birds. Previously we reported that on completion of a 10-year program of targeted fundamental and applied synthetic chemistry and toxicology, taste aversion associated with this compound had been overcome. In 2020-2022, trials have been successfully completed on poultry farms with Norway rats and larger scale field trials were undertaken targeting ship rats using 1% norbormide paste baits. Firstly, the efficacy of norbormide-containing paste baits targeting rat infestations on poultry farms was proven with a 100% reduction of Norway rat populations on three different farms. Secondly, 100% reduction in ship rat abundance was achieved at two large field test sites; and no reduction was achieved at the untreated control site. These larger field trials are described in depth in this publication. Plans are progressing to complete product development and registration.

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