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10 Feet Over

  • Author(s): Lee, Andrew
  • Wiley, Scott
  • et al.
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10 Feet Over is essentially a linear dungeon-crawler game. The game is top-down and controlled with nothing but the

arrow keys, spacebar, and F8 button. Using your character's dash mechanic, it is your goal to get to the end of the

dungeon in order to get your sword back from the goblins that stole it. There are three objectives that change with

each level, though, and those are either to kill everything, race to the finish, or to survive for one minute. The

dash mechanic works like this: you cannot touch enemies while dashing, however, your character will leave a trail

behind them that can kill enemies upon contact.This is the only way to kill enemies besides running into them and

losing health, which you don't want to do because you only have three lives per level. On top of the goblins trying

to kill you, take comfort in knowing that the zombies and ghosts also want to kill you, and they will follow you

around the level until they do. Unless they're a zombie, then you'll just get blocked by a wall. Also accompanying

you on your adventure is the ever-present Game Master, who is there to offer you your objective for the level, describe

what's happening, and forget why you're in the dungeon in the first place. Good luck, and have fun!

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