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Update of the FANTOM web resource: High resolution transcriptome of diverse cell types in mammals

  • Author(s): Lizio, M
  • Harshbarger, J
  • Abugessaisa, I
  • Noguchi, S
  • Kondo, A
  • Severin, J
  • Mungall, C
  • Arenillas, D
  • Mathelier, A
  • Medvedeva, YA
  • Lennartsson, A
  • Drabløs, F
  • Ramilowski, JA
  • Rackham, O
  • Gough, J
  • Andersson, R
  • Sandelin, A
  • Ienasescu, H
  • Ono, H
  • Bono, H
  • Hayashizaki, Y
  • Carninci, P
  • Forrest, ARR
  • Kasukawa, T
  • Kawaji, H
  • et al.

© The Author(s) 2016. Upon the first publication of the fifth iteration of the Functional Annotation of Mammalian Genomes collaborative project, FANTOM5, we gathered a series of primary data and database systems into the FANTOM web resource ( to facilitate researchers to explore transcriptional regulation and cellular states. In the course of the collaboration, primary data and analysis results have been expanded, and functionalities of the database systems enhanced. We believe that our data and web systems are invaluable resources, and we think the scientific community will benefit for this recent update to deepen their understanding of mammalian cellular organization. We introduce the contents of FANTOM5 here, report recent updates in the web resource and provide future perspectives.

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