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The Pocatello Supply Depot: Brief history, current functions, supplies available and annual output


The Pocatello Supply Depot (Depot or PSD), established in 1933, descended from the U.S. Biological Survey Bait (USBS) Mixing Station which originated in 1930 in McCammon, Idaho. The Depot was approved by a Congressional Resolution signed by the President in 1936. The Depot has functioned since 1937 under a Cooperative Service Agreement with the Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce who serves as trustee to the "Depot Revolving Fund." The mission of the PSD is to provide specialized products and services for the Animal Damage Control (ADC) program and others engaged in wildlife damage management programs. The PSD fills a very special niche in providing a stable source for ADC tools that are often not readily or consistently available from private industry. The major products of the Depot include Gas Cartridges for Rodents, M-44 devices and capsules, and strychnine and zinc phosphide grain baits. Minor products include Starlicide Technical, Gas Cartridges for Coyotes, zinc phosphide technical rodenticides, Fatty Acid and Monkey Pheromone scents and scent tabs, ADC signs, Neutroleum Alpha deodorizer, Electronic Guards, trap pan tension devices, and grain bags, dippers and probes for pocket gopher control.

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