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Experimental observation of two massless Dirac-fermion gases in graphene-topological insulator heterostructure

  • Author(s): Bian, G
  • Chung, TF
  • Chen, C
  • Liu, C
  • Chang, TR
  • Wu, T
  • Belopolski, I
  • Zheng, H
  • Xu, SY
  • Sanchez, DS
  • Alidoust, N
  • Pierce, J
  • Quilliams, B
  • Barletta, PP
  • Lorcy, S
  • Avila, J
  • Chang, G
  • Lin, H
  • Jeng, HT
  • Asensio, MC
  • Chen, YP
  • Hasan, MZ
  • et al.

© 2016 IOP Publishing Ltd. Graphene and topological insulators (TI) possess two-dimensional (2D) Dirac fermions with distinct physical properties. Integrating these two Dirac materials in a single device creates interesting opportunities for exploring new physics of interacting massless Dirac fermions. Here we report on a practical route to experimental fabrication of graphene-Sb2Te3heterostructure. The graphene-TI heterostructures are prepared by using a dry transfer of chemical-vapor-deposition grown graphene film. ARPES measurements confirm the coexistence of topological surface states of Sb2Te3and Dirac 7rbands of graphene, and identify the twist angle in the graphene-TI heterostructure. The results suggest a potential tunable electronic platform in which two different Dirac low-energy states dominate the transport behavior.

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