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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Diffusion of PLGA Nanoparticle from Alginate Microcapsule to Control Immune Response after Implantation for Type I Diabetes

  • Author(s): Cao, Rui
  • Advisor(s): Lakey, Jonathan RT
  • et al.

Implanted islet microcapsules cause host immune response towards microcapsule.

Certain level of PLGA with anti-inflammatory nanoparticle around microcapsule will

control immune response. Using a mathematical modeling, we investigated the diffusion of

PLGA nanoparticle and the concentration gradient of PLGA nanoparticle around implanted


Assuming a 300um microcapsule with 100 particles/um 3 PLGA, diffusing out of

microcapsule with alginate concentration of 2%, the concentration gradient of PLGA

nanoparticle will largely base diffusion coefficient inside and outside the capsule. Our data

shows the relationship between nanoparticle size and concentration gradient.

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