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Wildlife/roadkill observation and reporting systems


Wherever wildlife habitat and roadways overlap, roadkill seems inevitable. Observing and recording carcasses

resulting from wildlife–vehicle collisions (WVC) provides data critical for sustainable transportation

planning and species distribution mapping. Across the world, systems have been created to record WVC

observations by researchers, highway maintenance workers, law officers, wildlife agency staff, insurers and

volunteers. These wildlife/roadkill observation systems (WROS) can include mobile recording devices for

data collection, a website for data management and visualisation and social media to reinforce reporting


62.1 The specific purpose and goals of the WROS may vary among systems but should always be clearly


62.2 Extensive social networks are needed for comprehensive observation systems.

62.3 Adopt a methodical approach to developing a wildlife/roadkill observation system.

62.4 Analysis and visualisation of data collected within a WROS should correspond to the goals of the


62.5 Address issues in reporter bias by using standardised data collection methods or post hoc analyses.

62.6 The advantages and disadvantages of opportunistic and targeted data collection must be carefully

considered when developing a WROS.

Volunteer science and web‐based information tools have advanced to the point where transportation or

wildlife agencies and their allies can develop, support or implement WROS to improve the sustainability of

transportation systems. However, while numerous WROS have been developed and implemented around the

world, the full potential of many systems has not been realised because they were not developed or maintained

according to the basic principles outlined in this chapter. We provide suggestions and guidance useful

for updating existing systems and developing new ones.

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