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War-weary in the Classroom: A Literature Review on Seeking Justice in Refugee Student Education in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon


Children are one of the most affected groups during the Syrian Civil War. They feel the trauma of the war and death of people that they loved, and now, they are suffering from many problems (Gomleksiz & Aslan, 2018). More than half a million Syrian refugee students are not enrolled in school in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon (Culbertson & Constant, 2015). If they are lucky enough to attend school, many education problems are waiting for them such as adapting to a new educational culture, classroom environment, curriculum and language problems. Before these problems are solved, many of them are expected to engage in the classroom and be graded on the same level as native students (Emin, 2016). To provide a better and fairer learning environment in classrooms, comparative studies on refugee education across national contexts should be conducted (Ficarra, 2017). Since Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan struggle with similar issues, a comparative study about the fairness problems such as expectations of academic achievement, school discipline and other forms of inequity that Syrian refugee students experience in classroom can potentially offer solutions to these problems facing educators and policy-makers. Accordingly, this literature review will be conducted to compare studies about these areas. This literature review investigates the following question: How is the equality between refugees and native students especially in mixed classes provided during assessments of students’ academic achievement in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon?A big gap is found related to this research question in the literature. Major problems that should be solved to create equality in the mixed classes in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon have been determined such as financial, political, and educational issues in this literature review.  

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