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Examination of the low-energy enhancement of the γ -ray strength function of Fe 56

  • Author(s): Jones, MD
  • MacChiavelli, AO
  • Wiedeking, M
  • Bernstein, LA
  • Crawford, HL
  • Campbell, CM
  • Clark, RM
  • Cromaz, M
  • Fallon, P
  • Lee, IY
  • Salathe, M
  • Wiens, A
  • Ayangeakaa, AD
  • Bleuel, DL
  • Bottoni, S
  • Carpenter, MP
  • Davids, HM
  • Elson, J
  • Görgen, A
  • Guttormsen, M
  • Janssens, RVF
  • Kinnison, JE
  • Kirsch, L
  • Larsen, AC
  • Lauritsen, T
  • Reviol, W
  • Sarantites, DG
  • Siem, S
  • Voinov, AV
  • Zhu, S
  • et al.

A model-independent technique was used to determine the γ-ray strength function (γSF) of Fe56 down to γ-ray energies less than 1 MeV for the first time with GRETINA using the (p,p′) reaction at 16 MeV. No difference was observed in the energy dependence of the γSF built on 2+ and 4+ final states, supporting the Brink hypothesis. In addition, angular distribution and polarization measurements were performed. The angular distributions are consistent with dipole radiation. The polarization results show a small bias towards magnetic character in the region of the enhancement.

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