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Regulation of Macrophage Migration by the Mechanically Activated Ion Channel Piezo1


Macrophage migration has been proved as an important activity involving variety of mechanosensitive molecules. The migration in vivo could lead to different physiological outcomes, it can be advantageous or detrimental. Therefore, the regulation of macrophage migration would be a novel way to cure diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis. Macrophage behaviors could be regulated by both chemical and physical cues in extracellular matrix. However, most studies in the past focused on the chemical aspects, the physical cues are investigated until recent. As a mechanosensitive cell, macrophage activities are regulated by various mechanosensing molecules like integrins and ion channels. Piezo1, an ion channel that recently discovered in 2010, has been shown to be the most expressed ion channel in macrophage, little is known about its role in macrophage migration. In this thesis, we looked at how Piezo1 regulates macrophage migration under different conditions. First, the role of Piezo1 in macrophage random migration was discussed. Then, how the Piezo1 control macrophage migration along with adhesion was looked into. Last, the calcium cation in extracellular matrix was investigated whether it impact the motility of macrophage.

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