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Exploiting Partial Sensitivity of Data Using Client Side Buckets

  • Author(s): MISHRA, ANURAG
  • Advisor(s): Mehrotra, Sharad
  • et al.
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License

The world today runs on data and lots of private data, whose security is of paramount importance. We have many secured cryptographic techniques which are practical but not completely secure. On the other hand we have completely secure techniques which are not practical to be run as far as time complexity is concerned. In this scenario, we would like to exploit the fact that there is partial sensitivity of data. We partition the data into sensitive and non sensitive parts with the former being expensive to retrieve while the later is comparatively inexpensive. We propose that combining both the costs using our scheme gives better result than considering the entire data as sensitive. We will prove this using mathematical models as well as by experiments.

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This item is under embargo until September 14, 2019.