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La 137,138,139 (n,γ) cross sections constrained with statistical decay properties of la 138,139,140 nuclei

  • Author(s): Kheswa, BV
  • Wiedeking, M
  • Brown, JA
  • Larsen, AC
  • Goriely, S
  • Guttormsen, M
  • Bello Garrote, FL
  • Bernstein, LA
  • Bleuel, DL
  • Eriksen, TK
  • Giacoppo, F
  • Görgen, A
  • Goldblum, BL
  • Hagen, TW
  • Koehler, PE
  • Klintefjord, M
  • Malatji, KL
  • Midtbø, JE
  • Nyhus, HT
  • Papka, P
  • Renstrøm, T
  • Rose, SJ
  • Sahin, E
  • Siem, S
  • Tornyi, TG
  • et al.

The nuclear level densities and γ-ray strength functions of La138,139,140 were measured using the La139(He3,α), La139(He3,He3′), and La139(d,p) reactions. The particle-γ coincidences were recorded with the silicon particle telescope (SiRi) and NaI(Tl) (CACTUS) arrays. In the context of these experimental results, the low-energy enhancement in the A∼140 region is discussed. The La137,138,139(n,γ) cross sections were calculated at s- and p-process temperatures using the experimentally measured nuclear level densities and γ-ray strength functions. Good agreement is found between La139(n,γ) calculated cross sections and previous measurements.

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