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A top down, vertical based shooter made in Construct 3. 

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

There was peace among all the animal species in the Metazoa galaxy, but one species was tired of living in the shadows.

Led by their leader, Emperor Meowpatine, the feline species rose up in their quest to conquer all planets in the galaxy and enslave any animal they deemed inferior and their first target... their arch-nemesis, the canines.

The felines attacked and sought to round up any and all canines that came across their path, but one canine was not about to let this happen.

In order to save his fellow canine brethren, Luke Skybarker, and his crew created a special ark to fight for peace and justice which they called The Discovery Intergalactic Zoo Embassy of Mutt Buddies also known as, DIZEM-Bark.

As captain of this ark, the player must fly through space, collecting special power-ups to boost their abilities to aid in destroying their enemies, all while dodging enemy ships and their fish bone lasers. Eventually, one must come to face the ultimate enemy, Emperor Meowpatine, in order to save the galaxy and establish peace once and for all!

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