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Bear my shame


I was born and raised in Japan to Chinese parents and have immigrated to U.S. when I was ten years  old.  I have since moved and resided all over the states. However, because of my travels I have forgotten the majority of my old tradition as what may be called my “old culture.” However, one thing that I have dearly hung onto from my past was a hideous Godzilla toy I owned since I was three years old.  Growing up, I was fascinated by the campy and terrible giant monster films, but I couldn't help but notice that wherever Godzilla traveled, he was always attacked by the locals.  Relating to the feelings of being attacked and lonely, I painted Godzilla to speak of my struggles with stereotypes and racism, which in turn became a metaphor for my life.  These paintings represent my observation of our various cultures across America. ­­

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