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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Field Evaluation of a Novel UV Water Disinfection System for use in Underserved Rural Communities.

  • Author(s): Younis, BA
  • Mahoney, LE
  • Yao, S
  • et al.

Reliable, robust, and inexpensive disinfection systems are needed to expand water security in remote and underserviced areas. This paper reports on the deployment and evaluation of a novel UV water-disinfection system in a remote rural community. Prior laboratory tests indicated a 7.12 log10 reduction of the bacteriophage MS-2 at a flow rate of 9.46 liter/min, which corresponds to a supplied UV dose 215 mJ/cm2. Further tests in water containing turbidity levels up to 18 NTU showed E. coli removal remaining above the 5 log10 level. Field testing was performed at a Native American reservation in Northern California where the system was used to treat groundwater obtained from a well with a known fecal contamination. The system was powered by solar panel and was operated on-demand for extended periods. Tests on the treated water showed that the system exceeded the standard of disinfection required for drinking water.

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