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The word I choose to base my game off of was deer. In the story, a magical deer leads you to fantasy area where you have to navigate and hopefully escape back to the real world. When I was revising my game some of the suggestions I kept in mind were about the linearity of the game (lack of diverse endings/paths), uninteresting dead ends and some unclear links. By dropping most of the action links to the bottom of the page I was able to make options a bit more clear to the players. In order to address the linearity and dead end problems, I added a lot more content while trying to cut unnecessary paths in my game. The feeling I was trying to achieve with this game was a feeling of fantastical exploration. By making a somewhat "open world" that you could explore, players could try and complete the game as fast as they can or they could take your time and find some more rewarding and interesting endings (such as exploring the stream, finding a key, and using the key for an ending). Although making a "open world" in a text based format is difficult I added a lot of description to the text to help the immersion.

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