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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Headmouse: A Simple Cursor Controller based on Optical Measurement of Head Tilt

  • Author(s): HeydariGorji, Ali
  • Advisor(s): Chou, Pai H
  • et al.

The ability to point using a mouse or a touch screen is an indispensible part of modern humancomputer interactions. However, people with motor impairment need assistive technologies. Existing technologies based on voice command, eye tracker, head tracker, tongue tracking, muscletension tracking tend to be complex or expensive. We propose a new system that uses head position

to control the cursor position using a very simple, low-complexity infrared-based mechanism. It

uses two infrared (IR) LEDs to measure the distance between the chin and the sensor deck. Simple

algorithms convert measured data to X and Y coordinate on the screen. The Device sends either

raw or processed data to host system through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Experimental results show the proposed head mouse to be easy and intuitive to use while consuming low

power and is easy to build

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