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Open Access Publications from the University of California

The Use of Hyperlines in Light Fields

  • Author(s): Chen, Chen H.
  • Hofsetz, Christian
  • Max, Nelson
  • Ng, Kim
  • Hong, Li
  • Liu, Yang
  • Editor(s): Lorenzelli, Flavio
  • Colavin, Osvaldo
  • et al.

In this paper, we introduce the concept of hyperlines in light fields. When represented by the two-plane parameterization, hyperlines are 2-Degree-of-Freedom (2-DOF) linear entities in the 4-D light field. The light field can be thought of as a dual space of the world space. In this dual space, cameras appear as hyperlines with heterogeneous colors which we call camera hyperlines (CHL), while scene points appear as hyperlines with homogeneous colors (assuming Lambertian object surfaces), which we call geometry hyperlines (GHL). They cross each other at the corresponding pixels. We derive equations for both types of hyperlines, which provide the basis for new unstructured light field rendering algorithms. We will present experimental results using both CHL's and GHL's as well.

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