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The Solution Synthesis of Group IV-Based Nanomaterials


Nanomaterials derived from silicon and germanium have demonstrated several desirable properties for a variety of materials applications, such as optoelectronics, spintronics, catalysis, and thermoelectrics. Currently, the synthetic library for the production of technologically relevant Group IV nanomaterials comprised of silicon–germanium alloys, metal-silicides, and metal germanides are extremely limited, particularly with regard to solution-phase approaches. The work presented in this dissertation demonstrates the expansion of existing protocols to produce a variety of new Group IV-based nanomaterials using solution-phase syntheses. For the first time, silicon–germanium alloy nanocrystals are produced from a solution-phase approach. In addition, a new, generalizable scheme for the production of a variety of metal germanide nanocrystals is demonstrated through the use of metal(0) precursors. This methodology is then adapted to existing electroless etching methodologies used to produce silicon nanowire arrays, leading to the production of heterostructured silicon/metal silicide nanowires.

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