Spider Game
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Spider Game

  • Author(s): Llamas, Nailea;
  • Sammy, Siu;
  • Alexander, Barclay
  • et al.
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Spider Game by Nailea Llamas, Sammy Siu, and Alexander Barclay is a top down arcade style high score based game with a time limit where the player tries to collect as many flies, grubs, and eggs as they can with a dynamically reproducing population of flies with a life cycle. The player can the spider by dragging their cursor and lay web by clicking. Flies lay eggs shortly after they bump into each other, eggs hatch into grubs, and grubs grow into flies. Eggs give a short speed boost and 3 points, grubs give 3 points, and flies give 1 point. Capture flies by getting them to run into your webs, and eat grubs and eggs by running into them.

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