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High-quality draft genome sequence of Thermocrinis jamiesonii GBS1Tisolated from Great Boiling Spring, Nevada

  • Author(s): Ganji, R
  • Murugapiran, SK
  • Ong, JC
  • Manoharan, N
  • Huntemann, M
  • Clum, A
  • Pillay, M
  • Palaniappan, K
  • Varghese, N
  • Mikhailova, N
  • Stamatis, D
  • Reddy, TBK
  • Ngan, CY
  • Daum, C
  • Duffy, K
  • Shapiro, N
  • Markowitz, V
  • Ivanova, N
  • Kyrpides, N
  • Woyke, T
  • Dodsworth, JA
  • Hedlund, BP
  • et al.

© 2016 Ganji et al. The draft genome of Thermocrinis jamiesonii GBS1Tis 1,315,625 bp in 10 contigs and encodes 1,463 predicted genes. The presence of sox genes and various glycoside hydrolases and the absence of uptake NiFe hydrogenases (hyaB) are consistent with a requirement for thiosulfate and suggest the ability to use carbohydrate polymers.

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