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Draft genome of Rosenbergiella nectarea strain 8N4T provides insights into the potential role of this species in its plant host



Rosenbergiella nectarea strain 8N4T, the type species of the genus Rosenbergiella, was isolated from Amygdalus communis (almond) floral nectar. Other strains of this species were isolated from the floral nectar of Citrus paradisi (grapefruit), Nicotiana glauca (tobacco tree) and from Asphodelus aestivus. R. nectarea strain 8N4T is a Gram-negative, oxidase-negative, facultatively anaerobic bacterium in the family Enterobacteriaceae.


Here we describe features of this organism, together with its genome sequence and annotation. The DNA GC content is 47.38%, the assembly size is 3,294,717 bp, and the total number of genes are 3,346. The genome discloses the possible role that this species may play in the plant. The genome contains both virulence genes, like pectin lyase and hemolysin, that may harm plant cells and genes that are predicted to produce volatile compounds that may impact the visitation rates by nectar consumers, such as pollinators and nectar thieves.


The genome of R. nectarea strain 8N4T reveals a mutualistic interaction with the plant host and a possible effect on plant pollination and fitness.

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