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Open Access Publications from the University of California

X-Ray Searches for Axions from Super Star Clusters.

  • Author(s): Dessert, Christopher
  • Foster, Joshua W
  • Safdi, Benjamin R
  • et al.

Axions may be produced in abundance inside stellar cores and then convert into observable x rays in the Galactic magnetic fields. We focus on the Quintuplet and Westerlund 1 super star clusters, which host large numbers of hot, young stars including Wolf-Rayet stars; these stars produce axions efficiently through the axion-photon coupling. We use Galactic magnetic field models to calculate the expected x-ray flux locally from axions emitted from these clusters. We then combine the axion model predictions with archival Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) data from 10-80 keV to search for evidence of axions. We find no significant evidence for axions and constrain the axion-photon coupling g_{aγγ}≲3.6×10^{-12}  GeV^{-1} for masses m_{a}≲5×10^{-11}  eV at 95% confidence.

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