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Cargo Conundrum

  • Author(s): Filstrup, Benjamin
  • Khalil, Michael
  • et al.
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       Cargo Conundrum is a puzzle game in which you navigate through mazes to reach delivery boxes.

By reaching delivery boxes, you complete levels and return to the hub world. By completing levels,

stop signs that where blocking your path before will begin to disappear. Grab all the packages to

complete the game. Cargo Conundrum uses the arrow keys to navigate. The puzzles focus on directional

arrow tiles that send you in various directions. By using the top-down perspective, you must use take

mental notes on which paths you have taken and which paths may lead to the correct path in order to

beat the game. This is not a game for those who love story; it is for those who enjoy pleasant art

and a care-free game that tests your mind.

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