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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Uranium and thorium complexes of the phosphaethynolate ion.

  • Author(s): Camp, Clément
  • Settineri, Nicholas
  • Lefèvre, Julia
  • Jupp, Andrew R
  • Goicoechea, José M
  • Maron, Laurent
  • Arnold, John
  • et al.

New tris-amidinate actinide (Th, U) complexes containing a rare O-bound terminal phosphaethynolate (OCP - ) ligand were synthesized and fully characterized. The cyanate (OCN - ) and thiocyanate (SCN - ) analogs were prepared for comparison and feature a preferential N-coordination to the actinide metals. The Th(amid)3(OCP) complex reacts with Ni(COD)2 to yield the heterobimetallic adduct (amid) 3 Th(μ-η 1 (O):η 2 (C,P)-OCP)Ni(COD) featuring an unprecedented reduced (OCP - ) bent fragment bridging the two metals.

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