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Mitochondrial DNA Variants Mediate Energy Production and Expression Levels for CFH, C3 and EFEMP1 Genes: Implications for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

  • Author(s): Kenney, M. Cristina
  • Chwa, Marilyn
  • Atilano, Shari R
  • Pavlis, Janelle M
  • Falatoonzadeh, Payam
  • Ramirez, Claudio
  • Malik, Deepika
  • Hsu, Tiffany
  • Woo, Grace
  • Soe, Kyaw
  • Nesburn, Anthony B
  • Boyer, David S
  • Kuppermann, Baruch D
  • Jazwinski, S. Michal
  • Miceli, Michael V
  • Wallace, Douglas C
  • Udar, Nitin
  • Lukiw, Walter
  • et al.
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