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Geometria is a 2D platformer that requires the player to manipulate certain objects in every level in a way that allows them to successfully reach the exit of each level. The player is a 2D protagonist, and is given the ability to manipulate certain types of blocks, that all of a certain radius of influence, in order to reach the exit of each level. The game uses WASD as controls, as well as the mouse and space bar buttons, which provides them with all the skills they need to successfully manipulate the different types of objects. They can split certain types of blocks, as well as press buttons to gain access to blocks that may be out of their reach. The goal of the game is to reach the exit of every level and progress to the next one, but are highly encouraged to complete each level in the simplest way possible using the least amount of moves. The levels get progressively harder, and as the player gains familiarity with the different mechanics, they are expected to develop an intuition that allows them to complete the more difficult levels. If the player violates any rules of nature, such as dropping the block on top of their self, or moving a block outside of the radius of influence the game automatically restarts. If the player runs into trouble and can�t complete the level, they can then restart the level with a fresh start, although the amount of moves that they have made are still recorded throughout all of their various attempts. 

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