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Open Access Publications from the University of California

High-performance web services for querying gene and variant annotation.

  • Author(s): Xin, Jiwen
  • Mark, Adam
  • Afrasiabi, Cyrus
  • Tsueng, Ginger
  • Juchler, Moritz
  • Gopal, Nikhil
  • Stupp, Gregory S
  • Putman, Timothy E
  • Ainscough, Benjamin J
  • Griffith, Obi L
  • Torkamani, Ali
  • Whetzel, Patricia L
  • Mungall, Christopher J
  • Mooney, Sean D
  • Su, Andrew I
  • Wu, Chunlei
  • et al.

Efficient tools for data management and integration are essential for many aspects of high-throughput biology. In particular, annotations of genes and human genetic variants are commonly used but highly fragmented across many resources. Here, we describe and, high-performance web services for querying gene and variant annotation information. These web services are currently accessed more than three million times permonth. They also demonstrate a generalizable cloud-based model for organizing and querying biological annotation information. and are provided as high-performance web services, accessible at and . Both are offered free of charge to the research community.

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