4-H Robotics Project
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4-H Robotics Project

  • Author(s): Borba, John
  • Diaz, Claudia
  • Horowitz, Marcel
  • Iaccopucci, Anne
  • Klisch, Shannon
  • Lewis, Kendra
  • Soule, Katherine
  • Worker, Steven
  • et al.

Whether robots are used to explore dangerous environments, replace limbs, or just make life easier, robots are becoming increasingly more common in our lives. In this project you can learn about the interconnections of science, engineering and technology through robotics.

  • •Learn about the basics of robotics, including platform, drive, and control systems
  • •Engage in scientific inquiry around motion, forces, chemistry, and electricity
  • •Design robotic solutions to engineering challenges
  • •Build, construct, and test robots
This sheet outlines activity ideas at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of skill; also gives suggestions on how to tie the activity to STEM, healthy living, citizenship, and leadership goals.

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