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The Mexican Immigrant Experience in History, Nanotexts, and Nodes


In my thesis I explore the following three texts:The Adventures of Don Chipote, Lunar Braceros 2125-2148,andSleep Dealer. I analyze how the Mexican immigrant experience isconnected and distinct in each text, particularly through a historical and science fictionperspective. I demonstrate how the Mexican immigrant must leave his/her homeland in attemptto gain a stronger sense of identity in a new world. However, during their migrating experiencethey encounter physical, economic, communicative, and technological barriers that prevent themfrom obtaining the identity they desire. Moreover, once they have migrated to the new land andmust work as cheap labor, they are completely removed from any type of identity they possessedbecause their jobs dehumanize them through exploitation and technology. In the end, theMexican immigrant either fails or is successful in obtaining the identity he/she wants through theexperiences and interrelationships he/she has gained from the other land. Regardless of what theyaccomplished, these characters determine their own success when overcoming obstacles, andestablish an individual and communal identity from their experiences. My thesis reveals how theMexican immigrant gains valuable knowledge from his/her experience to become importantfigures recognized in society.

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