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For gameplay, it’s a traditional STG mixed target defending game. The idea is putting “Space Invaders” and tower defense game together which is similar to a game called “Defender II” on Android Play Store. The background or target of the game is to defend the village from the endless wave of zombie deer. The only things the player can trust are the wall surrounded the village and the gun he is holding. Nothing is going to help the player protect the village. Once the wall is down, the deer will be so hyper so they will be speeded up until the wall has been rebuilt. As the game is forcing to kill time, my design of the game is the player can stop at any time they want and make it as point-based to create a reference for the player may be for them to compete with others. For the aesthetic goals of the game, since I am not an art person, most of the aesthetic part is from online resources. As this is a mini-game to kill time, I prefer the pixel art style to reduce the complexity of the background to fit the game’s style. Also, I separate the art’s part and the game’s part a bit. Like the Nintendo DS, there are two separate screens. The art’s part is more forcing on the top, and the game’s part is forcing at the bottom to make the game looks as clean as possible. In class, we talked about Legend of Legend and Galaxian, which give me an idea to combine this two. The concept of the game should not be limited to one thing, just like nowadays people are all playing Battle Royale game, we can combine the most current game with one of the oldest game in the history together. Like Hideo Kojima talked about BR game recently: "The easiest way to make money is to make a game where everyone is on an island trying to shoot each other. I don't want to make that." The player should play whatever games they want in their ways. Compare with other STG games, I tried to put the concept of inhibitor in Legend of Legend to an STG game instead of adding fancy weapons or shooting effect as normal STG game. Returning to the simplest STG but putting an element of one the hottest game recently together with my STG game. So for Galaxian and its STG game follower, the developer will usually force on the ways of weapon shooting and the effect of the shooting animations but they always forgot they can extend the gameplay though other ways. So I decided to develop in some other way other than weapons and effects. Also for returning to the simplest STG, I am using two separate part to display the game and the art elements as Nintendo DS instead of common way to display it which most of the STG games are putting everything into one tiny screen with lots of fancy effects which will make the user’s eyes feel tired easily after a while so sure. That’s why I want to go back to the simplest way and make it different from the current STG game’s trend. For my final game design, I added some instructions before the player starts playing the game as the grader recommended. I also introduced the elements in the game like the enemies and the constructions to the player as well as their information like HP, respawn time and effect. Besides the instructions, I adjusted the spawn rate and type of enemies to increase the playability. Last but not least, since there’re endless waves of enemies so I added the point system allow the player maybe compete with their friends.  

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