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Asscrack Bandit

  • Author(s): Githens, Katherine
  • Buckovic, Lidia
  • et al.
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Asscrack  Bandit  leads  the  player  through  a  city  that  is  being  invaded  by  demonic  entities.  The

player  acts  as  the  Bandit  who  before  the  invasion  had  decided  to  toss  coins  at  people�s  exposed

asscracks  out  of  annoyance.  Over  the  course  of  the  game  the  Bandit  wanders  through different  areas  of  the  city  in  search  of  answers  as  to  what  is  happening  and  why.  All  of  the  while

the  Bandit  practices  their  coin  shooting  skills  on  frightened  bystanders�  asscracks  and  uses  coins to  fight  off  the  enemies  they  encounter. The game is a maze style turn-based game that is set up on a grid system and requires some strategy to avoid excessively fighting enemies. Fighting enemies consists of something similar to a mini game. The goal is to achieve as high a score as you can, losing to an enemy in the Battle Room results in your score being reset. The game uses the arrow keys to move through the levels. It also uses the space bar to charge for attacks and the B button to attack. To move on to the next level the player must �collect� all of the station targets (people with their asses exposed) and then reach the checkered flag in each level.


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