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A room temperature polar magnetic metal

  • Author(s): Zhang, H;
  • Shao, YT;
  • Chen, R;
  • Chen, X;
  • Susarla, S;
  • Raftrey, D;
  • Reichanadter, JT;
  • Caretta, L;
  • Huang, X;
  • Settineri, NS;
  • Chen, Z;
  • Zhou, J;
  • Bourret-Courchesne, E;
  • Ercius, P;
  • Yao, J;
  • Fischer, P;
  • Neaton, JB;
  • Muller, DA;
  • Birgeneau, RJ;
  • Ramesh, R
  • et al.

The emergence of long-range magnetic order in noncentrosymmetric compounds has stimulated interest in the possibility of exotic spin transport phenomena and topologically protected spin textures for applications in next-generation spintronics. Polar magnets, with broken symmetries of spatial inversion and time reversal, usually host chiral spin textures. This work reports on a wurtzite-structure polar magnetic metal, identified as AA′-stacked (Fe0.5Co0.5)5GeTe2, which exhibits a Néel-type skyrmion lattice as well as a Rashba-Edelstein effect at room temperature. Atomic resolution imaging of the structure reveals a structural transition as a function of Co-substitution, leading to the emergence of the polar phase at 50% Co. This discovery reveals an unprecedented layered polar magnetic system for investigating intriguing spin topologies, and it ushers in a promising new framework for spintronics.

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