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Treasure Seekers

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Condensed Manual:

     Treasure Seekers is a unique, multi-layered platformer that challenges players to collect the treasure on each level while avoiding the monsters that are moving throughout the level. The player begins each level at the top most layer and must make his way to the lower levels in order to collect the treasure placed on each level. The challenge comes when the player realizes that, while some monsters simply stay on one level guarding the treasure placed there, others actively seek out the player, making the map harder to navigate. Treasure Seekers gameplay revolves around the navigation of the multi-layered levels using the character�s special �dig� ability. Using nothing but the character�s speed and this �dig� ability, players must avoid all monsters and collect treasure to unlock each level�s exit.

     Treasure Seeker�s gameplay is solely reliant on the characters ability to dig through each layer. As the player runs back and forth across the different layers, he is able to make a hole in the ground that allows him or any monster to fall through to the lower layer. Although, many platformers seem to be mastered by repetition, Treasure Seekers adds an interesting element by having each level�s exit appear randomly within the level once the player collects all of the treasure. This randomization of the exit and the player�s ability to dig through the layers, allows for a unique experience each time a level is played.

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