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Open Access Publications from the University of California

THz transient photoconductivity of the III-V dilute nitride GaP y As1-y-xN x

  • Author(s): Heyman, JN
  • Weiss, EM
  • Rollag, JR
  • Yu, KM
  • Dubon, OD
  • Kuang, YJ
  • Tu, CW
  • Walukiewicz, W
  • et al.

© 2018 IOP Publishing Ltd. THz Time-Resolved Photoconductivity is used to probe carrier dynamics in the dilute III-V nitride GaP0.49As0.47N0.036. In these measurements a femtosecond optical pump-pulse excites electron-hole pairs, and a delayed THz pulse measures the change in conductivity. We find the photoconductivity is dominated by localized carriers. The decay of photoconductivity after excitation is consistent with bimolecular electron-hole recombination with recombination constant r = 3.2 0.8 10-8 cm3 s-1. We discuss the implications for applications in solar energy.

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