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Blocked In

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   Blocked In is a sliding block puzzle game which has some similarities with the ice cave block puzzles in Zelda games. The player gives blocks a push and they slide until they collide with some other object. There are both movable and immovable blocks, both with numeric values that determine how they will interact with other blocks. If a block with a higher number value crashes into a block with a lower value, the lower value block will be destroyed and the high value block will continue on its path. Blocks that are of the same level will stop each other. These types of varied interactions allow us to create more interesting puzzles that require the player to consider the importance of every movable block.

   There are also special function blocks that alter the gameplay experience. For example, there is a teleporter block that instantly sends other blocks that collide with it to a corresponding teleporter tile. There are also phase blocks which only allow low number blocks through. There are also special floor tiles such as directional boosters, which alter a blocks direction of travel. All these objects enable the creation of some formidable puzzles.

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