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The Legendary Ori

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   The Legendary Ori is a game in which the player is a special human who can

summon the assistance of Ori, animals with specialized abilities to assist

him in his journeys.  His goal is to escape the jungle.  Use the Ori to

destroy enemies and get past obstacles to win.

   The environment is loosely based off of the religious beliefs of the

Yoruba nation of Africa.  The game is a wonderful opportunity for those

unfamiliar with said beliefs, and have a fun way to introduce themselves

to alternative belief systems.

   The lizard can climb on walls, the dragon can fly and shoot fireballs.

   The tiger can push and pull boxes, the sabre tooth tiger can break them.

   The snake can burrow underground, the king cobra can turn invisible.

   The human can climb ladders.

   All forms except the lizard can attack, and all forms can pull levers/

   push buttons.

Have fun!

-Andrew H. Pometta and Eron Lake

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