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Advancing Cutting Technology


This paper reviews some of the main developments in cutting technology since the foundation of CIRP over fifty years ago. Material removal processes can take place at considerably higher performance levels in the range up to Qw = 150 - 1500 cm3/min for most workpiece materials at cutting speeds up to some 8.000 m/min. Dry or near dry cutting is finding widespread application. The superhard cutting tool materi- als embody hardness levels in the range 3000 – 9000 HV with toughness levels exceeding 1000 MPa. Coated tool materials offer the opportunity to fine tune the cutting tool to the material being machined. Machining accuracies down to 10 ?m can now be achieved for conventional cutting processes with CNC machine tools, whilst ultraprecision cutting can operate in the range < 0.1?m. The main technological developments associated with the cutting tool and tool materials, the workpiece materials, the machine tool, the process conditions and the manufacturing environment which have led to this advancement are given detailed consideration in this paper. The basis for a roadmap of future development of cutting tech- nology is provided.

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