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Infect is a pseudo RTS where you control fixed nodes of a network and attempt to bring all every nodes on the map under your control. Being a hacker attempting to gain control over the world's computer networks, your goal is to systemically infect every server, or node, on the map starting from just one. However, You are not alone in this cyberspace. The network security administrator is here too and will fight back, trying to stop you by purging then patching servers you have infected. You must control all servers on a network to continue Reinfecting servers as they are purging your virus will keep you ahead. Once patched, servers will need to be reinfected as soon as possible. Continue spreading your control through the network until you control all the servers. Make sure to go fast and stay on top of the ones that are patching or the entire network will patch and you will have to start again. As you play longer the security administrator is better able to defend against you. This increases the difficulty as the player spends more time in each level. Keep an eye out for power-ups that will give you an edge is close call situations.

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