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What's in a pill?; Hecho en LA; The Disappearing Farmer

  • Author(s): Minters, Camille B
  • et al.

Abstract 1

What's in a pill?

You meet Blake Spears and Lanz Lowen in "What's in a pill?" They are a serodiscordant couple, meaning one person is HIV positive and the other isn't. Blake and Lanz have been together since the seventies. They have seen friends and sexual partners since the HIV and AIDS were called GRID, and there was no medicine. Now in their middle age, they face the possibility of a medical advance that could change the way they've conduct their lives.


Abstract 2

Hecho en LA

Los Angeles has a deep and abiding Mexican heritage. It's a city of Mexican immigrants and Mexican music.But it's not just Marachi or Cumbia. The children and grandchildren of immigrants are re-discovering another traditional music: son jaracho. Source List Cesar Castro Jacob Hernández Marisoul Hernández Nancy Lopez


Abstract 3

The Disappearing Farmer The population of African American farmer is dwindling. Nationwide, the only 2 percent all of farmers are black. California is even worse, even though the state is a bread basket for the nation. Will Scott is the president of the California Association of African American farmers. It's a small organization of small farmer, mostly in the San Joaquin Valley. His mission is to continue to practice sustainable and organic farming, while providing food to low income neighborhoods, like West Oakland because there is a lack of healthy food or fresh produce in those locals. This is profile of Will Scott, 71, who became a fulltime farmer a decade ago. SOURCE LIST Interviews: Richard Molinar Will Scott David Roach Jay Foster Brent Walker

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