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"The Fight For Cali"

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The goal of our tabletop resource game is to conquer all of California by eliminating other players also trying their luck at conquering California's different provinces. Players in “The Fight For California” can try conquering California by buying or placing different types of troops and fortifying their already existing armies or attacking other players armies who all have the same goal in mind, to take control of California. Players are also allowed to use money that they earn from gaining a province to buy different and more advanced types of troops. To take over a province's players roll dice to decide the winner; whoever rolls higher wins, however you have as much life as number of troops and every loss takes away a troop. The gameplay is based on which players uses their resources (money,troops,land) in the most strategic way possible to win. For our game aesthetics we tried to make a fun strategic game so we colored the board of the game with many bright colors to give off an inviting fun non serious feeling instead of a dark serious wartime game.

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