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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Measurement of 139La(p,x) cross sections from 35–60 MeV by stacked-target activation

  • Author(s): Morrell, JT
  • Voyles, AS
  • Basunia, MS
  • Batchelder, JC
  • Matthews, EF
  • Bernstein, LA
  • et al.

© 2020, Società Italiana di Fisica (SIF) and Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature. A stacked-target of natural lanthanum foils (99.9119% 139La) was irradiated using a 60 MeV proton beam at the LBNL 88-Inch Cyclotron. 139La(p,x) cross sections are reported between 35–60 MeV for nine product radionuclides. The primary motivation for this measurement was the need to quantify the production of 134Ce. As a positron-emitting analogue of the promising medical radionuclide 225Ac, 134Ce is desirable for in vivo applications of bio-distribution assays for this emerging radio-pharmaceutical. The results of this measurement were compared to the nuclear model codes TALYS, EMPIRE and ALICE (using default parameters), which showed significant deviation from the measured values.

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