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Model theory, Keisler measures, and groups - Ehud Hrushovski, Ya'acov Peterzil and Anand Pillay, Groups, measures, and the NIP. Journal of the American Mathematical Society, vol. 21 (2008), no. 2, pp. 563-596. - Ehud Hrushovski and Anand Pillay, On NIP and invariant measures. Journal of the European Mathematical Society, vol.13 (2011), no. 4, pp. 1005-1061. - Ehud Hrushovski, Anand Pillay, and Pierre Simon, Generically stable and smooth measures in NIP theories. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, vol. 365 (2013), no. 5, pp. 2341-2366.

  • Author(s): Chernikov, Artem
  • et al.
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